Hi, my name is Aubrey and I’m a just-a-holic. Yes, I used the word “just” 243 times in one book and over 400 times in another. A woman I’m working with on editing found it. In other words I didn’t even know I had the problem.

There are worse problems to have and I know that every author must have them and every editor knows what those tendencies are!  Oh to ask the editor to Nora Roberts or Sylvia Day what their little “tendencies” are.

But writing is an evolution. If you for instance read an author like Sandra Brown and her early work (straight romance) you would be hard pressed to believe it is the same best selling writer as you read today. Writers grow either through the editing process, feedback or just a general maturity as they get older.

So I may be a just-a-holic now, but here’s looking forward to knowing my weaknesses ahead of time and a lot less edits going forward!


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