The Good, Bad and the Ugly Baby??

Two weeks in and I have six reviews on Amazon from people I don’t know….(no seriously, keeping my writing habit a secret all these years pretty much ensured I didn’t have any friends or family reading it let alone giving reviews.) 🙂  I even had a top 100 Amazon reviewer take the time to review my little old book…and he left me 4 glorious stars…so nice! So for the most part I feel like people have enjoyed the book based on the ratings!

So the bad is that when you send your book out to book bloggers, well they read a lot of books and you aren’t always going to get good feedback. I get it. And luckily the one that gave me feedback told me that she liked my style of writing but preferred her males to be a little less of an asshole.  Totally get that too. If you want wine and roses and a hero that worships the woman’s feet…yeah, this isn’t it. Instead it is an alpha male who exhibits “ass-hole” behavior and evolves over time.

So now for the ugly baby. I currently have a book blogger who is giving play by plays on goodreads. I didn’t even know you could do that…and man most of them aren’t great comments…add to that it doesn’t appear my book is even in the top of her favorite genres and she’s never given 5 stars ever and my heart hurts. With every comment I find my self confidence slipping a little.  It’s tough to swallow and I know part of the process, but man it feels like she’s calling my baby ugly.

I know what you’re thinking. I put it out there for the world…Yes I did…and I totally need to develop a thicker skin! Yes I do! And if I’m being honest when I read the quote she put out there about making her brain hurt I immediately amended the paragraph with “I giggled at the thought.” Because her perception was that I’d been serious instead of sarcastic/joking like intended and that means someone else maybe felt the same way. I mean I can’t change the overall content and wouldn’t based on anyone’s opinion. I love my book no matter what people say, but it’s my very first one which means that I can and will improve. And I do value feedback helping me get to that point. I just didn’t plan on getting it play by play or how it would affect me.

So the baby is out there now for the world to see. Can’t go back and remake it now. Maybe I could dress it up a little..use a little soft lighting?? LOL…

4 thoughts on “The Good, Bad and the Ugly Baby??

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    This post by Aubrey is something every writer can benefit from, whether it’s happened to you yet or not. Because as long as we’re putting our work out there for the world to read–and criticize, it will happen at one time or another.


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