Once I made the decision that I was going to publish my first book I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten cold feet.

“What if no one likes it?”

For the very few (and I mean I can count them on one hand) people who knew I wrote I’d always say the same thing. I don’t want to put it out there and find out people hate it because I LOVE writing too much. I was afraid I wouldn’t want to do it again once judged.

I emailed a few book bloggers in the hopes that I’d get some sort of validation from the people who know books the best. Seriously my hat is off to these women (mostly) who spend countless hours reading and reviewing books from publishers, indie authors and oh yeah manage their everyday lives too. The time put into the process does not go without appreciation!

So you can imagine the goosebumps to get my first official blog posting giving my debut novel 4.25 stars…AHHH Validation that I’m doing what I should be. Encouragement to keep doing it and to strive to keep doing better.

Thank you Book-Bosomed Book Blog and hopefully others who will follow that have taken the time and the chance with this first time author and validated that I should continue on with the series and with my dream!

My first official book blog posting-Click Here!!

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