If you don’t have your health….

If you don’t have your health..you have nothing…you especially don’t have your book coming out as quickly as you’d hoped. A cold before labor day turned into bronchitis almost four weeks ago and now is walking pneumonia. Ugh. The good news is that I’m being treated with an inhaler and antibiotics, the bad news is that being a working mom with two little kids, well you guessed it. Resting is a very hard commodity to come by. Time to write and edit my book even harder when I’m not feeling great.

So it is with regret that my hope of an October 31st deadline has been moved to the end of November so that I can hopefully feel better and focus back on the editing process. I’m so close, but want to ensure that Ask Me Something does justice to the wonderful characters of Brian and Sasha!!  I can’t wait for you to read it!!

In some good news..I should have the Cover Reveal in early November and will keep you posted!!  If you haven’t already signed up for my newsletter, please do so and you’ll be the first to know (before Facebook and this blog) once I have an actual release date!!

Happy October everyone and thank you for your understanding!!

Sincerely, Aubrey

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