It’s Here!!!

Ask Me Something is here!!  What a great feeling this time around to have a planned date, a release blitz coming on Friday with so many blogs promoting it and actual sales this time around!  Ha…the first time around, I didn’t tell a soul, pressed publish, bought my own book and then finally told some people what I’d done. The reviews from the blogs started trickling in a few weeks later (I’d never heard of an ARC) and well the rest is history. I couldn’t have done it without Karen from Karen’s Book Haven,  Donna of Mrs. Kebab’s Kindle and Sam of RedHot Romance (find all of their links under my favorite websites on my homepage!!) These ladies have supported me from the beginning and have been instrumental in helping me learn the process, letting me know of opportunities and being absolutely AMAZING!  And to Owen O’Neill who I met in a Goodreads author group who didn’t even read romance, but read my book and gave me the very best compliment in loving it!  Thank you for your feedback and continued support!

So I sit here on the eve of my official book release (the book went live this morning actually with 10 times the amount of sales as I had the first day-yeah, that means 10 total-I was the only one who bought my own book on day 1 the last time around)..and I have actual reviews already posted and feel great about the response!  I have this this indescribable feeling that although I may never be able to quit my day job, I’m doing something I love that in turn other people love.  Thank you for that validation!

And cheers to Sasha and Brian!  Now who to write about next…hmm could be Catherine’s story or McKenzie’s…will keep you updated! 🙂


Aubrey xoBook 1

2 thoughts on “It’s Here!!!

  1. Loved Ask Me Something! Sasha and Brian were not meant for a fairly tale story, but to revampt and make a modern fairy tale story of their own. Bravo to all the hard work and dedication you put into their story. Can’t wait to read the next.
    5 ★s


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