Toddler Weight

So this New Year’s I am not making a resolution, however I do have a goal for this year. So maybe it’s technically a resolution. But since my history with keeping resolutions isn’t so great, let’s call it a goal instead, kay.

This year’s goal has to do with, wait for it, losing weight. I know, such a cliche. And sadly it isn’t my baby weight I need to lose. (My youngest is 2)…oh no, it’s something most people don’t know about. Toddler weight. Yeah, so I actually lost the baby weight but somewhere in the last year picked up 20 lbs. I blame it on the writing, stress at the job, having pneumonia for the entire month of Sept, having 2 kids under 5. Yeah, do these sound like excuses…Abso-fucking-lutely….I’m really good at them-lots of practice. But we all have them and despite the myriad of reasons, it’s time to get my butt in gear.

I know what needs to be done. Sometimes that’s the biggest obstacle in having been there, done that. I know how it But I also know that I refuse to buy a larger size of pants…so either it’s going to be embarrassing at work when I constantly have them undone, or I’ve gotta do something.

So I invite you along for this weight-loss journey to either suffer along, commiserate or just laugh as I stumble along. I may not be successful, but I do make one promise: It will be funny to watch either way…

So what’s the plan. Well the plan is for me to cut out soda…Coca-cola and I have a very long relationship however and I LOVE it. So breaking up with a long term love is not easy, but I’m going to try to do it for 30 days. Matter of fact I’m attempting to cut all sugar for 30 days…so how do I prepare? By consuming copious amounts of sugar up until my stopping point of course. Nothing says I’m committed to a lifestyle change than gaining 3 lbs the week before my diet. C-O-M-M-I-T-T-E-D I tell ya.

And when to start? Does a New Year’s resolution, I mean goal start on the 1st?  Nah. I mean how can one be good with a diet when it’s a holiday?  Yeah, you feel me. Okay, so on the 2nd? Come on, that’s a Saturday. Who starts a diet on a Saturday? Plus I have a 12 pack that I need to finish…Uh, yeah. You’re sensing a trend aren’t you. As if I have to wonder why I can’t lose weight…

Okay, so Monday it is, although I vow to exercise this weekend to at least get started. Nothing drastic as I’m soo out of shape. The worst it’s ever been in fact. But something is better than nothing and I have to start somewhere. All kidding aside, maybe writing about it and sharing my journey will help. We’ll see….


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