The countdown

5a77b5d6186725c86159bae98c78278b I’m still waiting for the point in which I will be absolutely sick of the carbs I’m inhaling thereby making Monday that much easier. Like I’m going to wake up and say, “oh thank god I can go carb free now.”  Uh, something tells me this may not be one of my best diet strategies!

So today in addition to taking down the Christmas decorations I’ve got to start with the meal planning and shopping. Because if I don’t have a plan, well I will be sunk before I start. I mean I at least need to make it til Wed to say I gave it the old college try, right?

And I’ve recruited the husband. He’s not “thrilled” with the idea, but he seems to be on board for at least the next 30 days. Probably why he’s busy inhaling beer and chips this weekend. 🙂  It may be a good time to tell friends and family not to talk to us for a couple weeks while we get over the Hangry phase of the diet. (Hungry + Angry = Hangry). Matter of fact perhaps we should as a couple avoid conversation for a couple of weeks too.

Oh boy, sugar detox, where nobody wins!  Here we go!

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