Day 1

I feel good. No really, it’s been a whole morning and I’m positive it’s already working…(I’m totally bullshitting you) but today is the first day where I’ve cut coca-cola out. And since my day normally starts with a morning coke, getting past it is a feat. I am not, however cutting caffeine (I mean let’s not go crazy here..I wouldn’t be able to stand my own company, let alone be able to go out into the world if I cut that too) so I’m learning to drink hot tea. With stevia and milk. It’s okay and so is my breakfast of scrambled eggs, mushrooms and avocado. 1 meal down and more water to drink. I can do this. I can do this. So can you if this is your day 1.  We can do it together and laugh all the way. 76a13016b9251dd1bf9da2a9f120a995


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