Day 2 of Sugar Detox

I’d love to tell you that I’m already feeling better and really great about this whole cutting out sugar thing. But I’m not going to sugar-coat it (pun totally intended). I feel like shit. I’m so very tired and with the stress of my boss returning after being gone for so long, I automatically want to reach for my stress go-to crutch. Coca-cola. Damn even typing the word made me salivate for the taste.

Have you ever heard of those pills they put people on that aren’t supposed to drink alcohol? I never had until I went out with a group of friends years ago when I used to go out past 9pm. A friend of a friend had just gotten a DUI (driving under the influence) so he had to take court mandated drugs that make him violently ill if he drinks while on them…I need that for coca-cola. Or something that changes the taste if I were to drink it after. Or bitter apple spray like you spray for puppies trying to chew stuff. Yep, I need to spray that shit on every carb out there…problem is I can totally see myself powering through it to get to the carbs….AHHHHHHH. They say it can take up to 2 weeks for sugar to leave your system….If only I had a fast forward button…

I can totally relate to the post below…


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