So about that diet….

Remember the blizzard…yeah, it’s all its fault. I fell of the wagon and into a vat of sugar. But in better news (and to totally distract you) the writing on the third book is going very well!  Perhaps there is a correlation and going off of the sugar and cutting carbs was preventing me from reaching my true writing potential…..ha

So I’ve discovered writing is amazing, but what it’s not is conducive towards weight loss. Nope, turns out hours over a laptop and late nights do not inspire healthy eating or exercise habits. On Sunday however (before the Superbowl where my Denver Broncos won! YAY!) I did make myself get on the treadmill at an incline for 30 minutes before I could do any writing….

I was sore until Wednesday by the here’s the thing about being sore. Shouldn’t you look skinnier?  I mean your muscles are so tight that it hurts to squat down on the toilet seat, so how on earth can they not have shrunk by being that tight??  Sigh…

So here’s for getting back into healthy eating habits (for the 100,000th time come Monday) because no one ever said let’s start a diet on a Saturday 🙂

Oh, the next book’s title by the way because you’ve listened to me whine this entire post an deserve some reward: Bet Me Something…I’m hoping to share the cover and a release date for you in the next month!  Very exciting!

xo Aubrey



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