Writing, re-writing and reading oh my

So I’m busy writing on the third book and it’s coming along great. Matter of fact..I’m down to the last few chapters. Of course my method goes something like this. Write it, change it, start sending to my editor for beta, re-write parts, re-write more, finish beta with editor, re-write, read, read, read. Are you sensing a theme?

I thought my re-writing habit was only because the first book was so very long and I had to cut things and re-write them to put them back together. (over 100K words were cut).  It’s my very own Frankenstein book and I can see where some readers could say it jumps around in the scenes…But the second book was much more cohesive and flowing (at least in process of not having to cut up front), but I still cut over 50K words in the end…and these were the new words that I wrote and then re-wrote…now with the third book, I’m already up to 40K cut words (more than I initially started with) so obviously this isn’t a fluke this is the way that I tend to write.

For me I write an idea or a scene, then I revise it constantly thinking how it could be better. My worst fear is that I will publish a book and think of how I WISHED I would’ve done a scene differently…matter of fact the epilogue to Ask Me Something was literally 2 days before I had to hit the publish button and came to me in the middle of the night as to how Brian could do the proposal in the unique way he did.  It’s now one of my fav scenes of the book…(by the way, as a writer that is the very best feeling in the world when you are thinking of your scene in your book and it just comes to you-I swear I was smiling the entire time I rewrote that scene).

Sometimes I wish I was one of those writers that writes straight through, ships to her editor and presses publish, (I’m in awe that some writers can do that). But it seems that this tends to be my habit in my quest for perfection. Writing, re-writing and reading until I can’t possibly take another look at my own book. (no seriously I read it like twenty times even after the edits making more little changes). But I want the very best version of my characters to give to you. It may take more time, but I’m hoping for those that love my books, you appreciate why.

Hoping to have the cover reveal for Bet Me Something in the next few weeks….along with a release date!  I can’t wait!

x Aubreydownload

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