One more week until Bet Me Something

The ARCs are out and some reviews are coming in and now only 7 days remaining until Bet Me Something is live. I can’t tell you how excited I am for you to read Kenzie and Colby’s story!

I have to say (and judging from the reviews most agree) that this is my favorite book so far. Just to be clear, I adore my first two books-but  because I’m able to bring the four main characters from the first two books into this one, it’s just made it that much better. As a reader that’s what I enjoy about a series, the ability to follow along with previous characters as they continue their journey past their HEA. Plus there’s something about Colby and Kenzie’s banter and relationship that really did have their dialogue pouring onto the page as quickly as I could write it!

And I was blown away by having Bet Me Something included in the USAToday’s HEA blog as a summer recommendation:

One more week…have I mentioned, 1 more week!


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