Exciting Announcement-Now selling signed paperbacks

I’m so very excited to announce that I’m now selling signed copies of my paperbacks and with every purchase you’ll receive this darling shoe bag (get it?-shoes-my theme of the book covers-yeah, there go all my clever points for the year-ha).

I’ve also been educated on what bookplates are (think signed stickers that you can affix to the inside of the books) because unfortunately international shipping is so high. So I have those as an alternative and I have them in groups of 5 because there will eventually be the five books in the Something Series.

Click Here for the Order form


All prices are inclusive of shipping costs. Please note this is not the Pre-order form for Author events. If you wish to pre-order for an upcoming signing event, please use this link instead: Pre-order form for upcoming book signings

Now I’m back to writing book #4, Teach Me Something!

Much love!

Aubrey xx

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