Teach Me Something-Feb 9th, 2017

I have a date, I have a date….Teach Me Something (Catherine’s story with her mystery man) will be released on February 9th!

Below is the blurb as well as the pre-order links!



Catherine Davenport is successful in her career, but doesn’t have the same skill when it comes to her love life. After a painful divorce,
she’s finding the new world of dating both intimidating and frustrating.

Tired of striking out, she takes the extreme measure of enlisting the help of an instructor in a private club who offers sessions on how to improve
her dating strategy as well as her overall sexual confidence.

‘Calvin’, the masked man with the piercing blue eyes and husky voice not only challenges her to step out of her comfort zone, but encourages her to unlock her
repressed adventurous side with various lessons.

She feels like she’s making progress until her worlds collide and the identity of the man privy to her most intimate details is shockingly revealed as someone she knows.

Can Catherine put her insecurities aside to take a chance on love where she least expected it? Or will her past interfere with her ability to plan a future with the one
man who truly knows the real her.

Pre-order now:

US: https://goo.gl/nPaQz2
UK: https://goo.gl/950ma2
AU: https://goo.gl/KBKoNv
CA: https://goo.gl/2OALD1


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