California bound

I’ve lived in the Virginia area for 20’s crazy because 1) I don’t feel that old to say I’ve done anything as an adult for 20 years and 2) because I never intended to stay out here. But after being in the military, it was an easy place to transition into civilian life. Then came a job in which I’ve now been in for the last 14 years…but I always missed the west coast. Missed being closer to family. So I started my search and low and behold I now have an opportunity in Los Angeles. Now I will come out and say that it wasn’t my first choice. Namely because I live outside of a large city now and wanted something a little slower pace like Portland or Seattle, but the job couldn’t be passed up. So LA it is at the end of the summer. Guess you could say I’m a coastal girl…

I’m excited, nervous and overwhelmed, but I’m also looking forward to this next chapter of sunshine, beaches and palm trees. So cheers to new adventures and to hopefully getting book 5 done in the next few weeks as I’m on my own in CA for training and have my evenings to myself!!

And if you’re from LA or live there now, any suggestions on where to live that has good schools is very appreciated!! 🙂



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