Miss Treated is here!!

Kelsey’s story is finally here! And you get to meet Dominic Chambers!

1-click now: mybook.to/MissTreated
Add to Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3digmAf

Dominic Chambers is the most charming man I’ve ever met – and he’s the son of my new boss.

He may cause my heart to skip a beat, but the last thing I need is a relationship with the playboy who runs the company. After a disastrous breakup, I’m committed to focusing on my year of self-healing.

I’ve kept my emotional distance from him, until an unexpected evening brings us closer.
He can’t discover the truth.
No matter how much I wish I could tell him.

Kelsey Maxwell is the most guarded woman I’ve ever met – and she’s the new contractor.

She seems oblivious to her effect over men with her stunning good looks and sharp mind. Yet it’s her vulnerability that captivates me. She’s the challenge I didn’t know I needed.

Falling for her is easy.
Convincing her we belong together may prove impossible.

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