Over it…

Editing sucks..and then it sucks some more…and then..you guessed it, some more. And I’m pretty sure that first sentence would need to be edited, but instead of commas, I’m using …. to make a point that I’m not editing it! 😉

The other day I swear I said out loud, “I’m so sick of Haylee and Josh.” (those are two characters in my book) and then I realized it’s not their story I’m sick of..it’s the drama I created by way of verb-ing, run on sentences and lack of prepositions…

AHHHHHH….prepositions..I remember that from English class a long time ago.  You mean I have to remember them while writing…um yeah..and by the way the word “alright” is actually two words, “all right”…oh man that just doubled my word count… 🙂

They say you haven’t edited enough until you’re sick of your own story…I believe it!  Here I am wanting to write about the next characters but instead I’m trying to polish up the old ones.  It is a necessary evil that I can only hope will get easier with experience as well as come out in the finished product. Here’s hoping!  All right, I’m done complaining. Time to get back to editing…

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